We choose to partner with like minded, best of breed platform providers.

At Arkade we select our partners carefully and choose to work with some of the best customer experience platforms in the business. That way, we can make sure we’re always up on the latest tech and delivering solutions in the best way possible.

We seek out purposeful platforms and subject matter experts who are focused on solving specific problems.

This philosophy is one we share in common with the brands we work with who, similarly, seek to provide their customers with remarkable products and experiences that solve their specific needs.

In particular, we have chosen to formalise partnerships with Shopify Plus and Omneo – two of the strongest players in the eCommerce and customer data platform spaces respectively - because we see Customer Experience as being the number one way to stay competitive in today’s fast moving market.

We also have strong partnerships with leading customer focused platforms including MailChimp for communications and Zendesk for customer service. Both have a view to being the best platform in their space while maintaining fast to market, simple platforms designed for a particular purpose and built to serve customers.

By working with these providers through formal agreements, we are able to collaborate more closely to ensure our developers are continually educated and up to date with the latest release notes, trends and advice from our industry partners. We pass on this knowledge to our clients and develop these products to the very highest standard with expertise at our fingertips.


Our Partners

Platforms we know and love