We believe that the most effective and enduring solutions are designed to be sophisticated yet simple and enable internal team ownership.

Dynamic brands are capitalising on a shift away from complex platforms/solutions that required heavy investment and demanded ongoing support from external vendors. Instead, they are moving toward simpler, specialised, cost effective solutions that can be integrated, managed, optimised and most importantly owned by their internal teams.

This has been made possible by a dramatic expansion in the availability of software/platforms that focus on answering a small collection of related needs, paired with the growing capability of internal teams to leverage those platforms to deliver, manage and optimise new customer experiences at scale.

Too often customer experience improvements are designed with new platforms/software or external team capability or both in mind. This approach is often helpful, however, should not be the default as it fails to gain the significant advantages that can be found in empowering your internal team and maximising the use of the platforms you have already invested in.

Our Solution Design engagements have been crafted to help you and your organisation design sophisticated experiences that:

  • Where possible (and it usually is) leverage the platforms you already have in place

  • Utilise best of breed platforms that are lightweight yet powerful and provide room to grow

  • Grow your internal teams capability to participate in design, platform selection and ownership of the solution ongoing

  • Are aligned with your organisation’s objectives and the value the initiative is expected to deliver

  • Foster a culture that focuses first on the customer. Less frequently reverting to using customers to solve business problems rather than looking for new ways to use the business to solve your customers problems

We will provide guidance around which services would be suitable, considering the nature of the underlying initiative, your capacity/desire to invest existing expertise, time and resources, and the value the initiative is expected to deliver.

In addition to our standard solution design engagements, on occasion we will craft a unique approach to suit specific requirements.