It all started when…

We were investigating a new help desk platform that quickly became the number one help desk platform for eCommerce stores on Shopify. It allows you as a merchant to manage all your customer support in one place, including email, chat, phone and social media. You can automate responses to common questions and use the most innovative social media management strategies proven to generate more sales for your business.

Features allow you to:

  • Connect and manage your support channels from a single platform.

  • Manage all tickets in the same way regardless of their channel.

  • Keep across your social comments, including ad comments.

  • Focus on quality customer support minus the repetitive tasks.

  • Automatically sort, tag and assign your tickets based on topics and attributes.

  • Combine the data pulled from your apps with rules, including the set up of automatic, personalised messages.

  • Create custom views using tags.

  • Assign and distribute tickets to agents with full visibility of who is working on what.

  • Collaborate directly to solve tickets using internal notes and mentions.


Ready to serve your customers more efficiently on your ecommerce store?