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Here’s how we can help:

  • Platform review, analysis and recommendations

  • Team review, analysis and recommendations

  • Customer research and analysis

  • UX and UI design

  • Team augmentation, project management & development

  • Upskill and education of your internal team

  • Roadmap and prioritisation of initiatives according to value

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Our Approach to eCommerce

eCommerce has become a staple for all retailers, but in our world of unified commerce it’s important it is considered just another channel through which customers can choose to shop, and integrated into all other business processes.

It’s easy for ecommerce to remain - as it has historically been - separate from the rest of the bricks and mortar business, treating customers differently, with different returns policies, services, conveniences, teams and KPIs. To your customers however, your business is one brand and expect the same experience regardless of the channel through which they choose to browse and shop.

Customers are also increasingly demanding personalisation and relevancy when it comes to their ecommerce experience, as well as convenience, fast shipping and easy returns. In addition, there are so many other experiences you can provide your customers through your online presence, the choices, prioritisation and roadmapping of what to do next can be overwhelming, causing procrastination and decision paralysis.

That’s where we can help. We have worked in eCommerce since its infancy and stay across all the latest tech, platforms, strategies and trends so you don’t have to, providing consulting, training, education and implementation services to assist you with your online experiences.

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