• Platform review, analysis and recommendations

  • Team review, analysis and recommendations

  • Customer research and analysis

  • UX and UI design

  • Team augmentation, project management & development

  • Upskill and education of your internal team

  • Roadmap and prioritisation of initiatives according to value


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Our Approach to Customer Service Platforms

Customer Service, and Customer Support teams in retail brands should be multi-skilled and able to combine customer service with retail operations support. For this reason, they need to have a shared view of the customer across multiple areas of the business. That means that all customer service team members can see not only the customer’s support history, but also their transactions, profile information, shipping status, preferences and any other information that is purposeful and relevant. This increases the service team’s ability to provide one touch resolution, as well as providing a consistent and personalised experience for the customer. 

It’s important to remember that store teams can’t substantially affect today’s results. Customers have either made a decision to shop with the store already, or will make that decision on a whim as they pass by. But what they can affect is the experience the customer has that day when they shop, and how they feel about shopping with the brand again in future. That’s why they need to have tools at their disposal that allow them to focus on adding value to the customer’s shop that day and the information down the line that will add value to their future shopping experiences. Over time, those tools and platforms themselves should be iterated on and their utilisation reviewed, evaluated and optimised.

How well a customer service team or tool is performing is often a debated measure with a series of common pitfalls. How to measure customer service, what will be measured, when to measure it in relation to the sale and through which communication channels are all equally valid and important considerations for a brand to make when determining their overall service strategy.


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