• Platform review, analysis and recommendations

  • Team review, analysis and recommendations

  • Customer research and analysis

  • UX and UI design

  • Team augmentation, project management & development

  • Upskill and education of your internal team

  • Roadmap and prioritisation of initiatives according to value


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Our Approach to Creating and Understanding Customer Insights

When it comes to customer insights, many retailers are getting this wrong. Look beyond demographics to determine who your customers are, and look beyond the transactional to determine their value. Start instead, to look at the behaviours that make up your best customers and use those insights to find more customers like them. Although this may seem harder at first, what you can now do is ignore anyone that does not fit your best customer profile. You will never make a bad customer good, and it’s hard to make a good customer great, but if you can find more people just like your best customers, you are minimising your effort to maximise your return.

Insights are only useful if they allow action to be taken. With that in mind, we drop the vanity metrics you may be used to from our insights and take only a CX lens to your data. We work with our clients to examine the data trends that can be acted upon through iterations to current experiences, or by building new experiences to solve customer problems. We also determine the most relevant insights to your brand to make better, smarter and more informed decisions across the business. It is often these insights that can be hardest for businesses to find, particularly if they have siloed departments and systems, but are by far the most insightful and reap the greatest rewards. In addition, we can help guide businesses to set up an ecosystem that allows for greater ease of reporting for themselves and their respective business units.


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