• Platform review, analysis and recommendations

  • Team review, analysis and recommendations

  • Customer research and analysis

  • UX and UI design

  • Team augmentation, project management & development

  • Upskill and education of your internal team

  • Roadmap and prioritisation of initiatives according to value


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Our Approach to Customer Experience Strategy

Customer experience is often confused with customer service, support, ecommerce or in store experiences individually. It is in fact a sum of all these parts and more and consistency across all components is key. Store tills and ecommerce platforms are the cash registers, and all other specialised technologies and platforms power the experience. It is often for this reason that we advise against over investing in a ‘sophisticated one stop shop platform’ and instead invest in best in class components to create your unique CX ecosystem that can be easily swapped out as your business evolves or new tech becomes available.

At the top of the list for any CX strategy should be value setting. Value is what you will use to determine priorities and investment. For example we implore all our clients to value customer data above all else. It is this data after all that will help to determine not only your CX strategy, initiatives and priorities to market, but will also help you to make smarter decisions across the entire business, service your customers better and have a unique and ongoing one on one direct to consumer relationship. In addition, your best customers will be most highly valued. You will determine your budget for each initiative on the value it will bring to your customers and your business. And the values held by your business and your customers will define the outcomes you need to achieve as part as your strategy. 

A successful CX strategy comes from knowing facts about your customers and targeting the ones that align with your brand vision. This is often where transactional economics gives way to customer economics. It may seem cheaper in the short term to funnel money into acquiring more customers and hoping to retain them, but it makes far more sense in the long term to invest in understanding and identifying your best customers and targeting more people like them.

These customers must then be provided experiences that anticipate and exceed their needs, wants and expectations across the discovery, purchase and delivery phases of their customer journey. At every step, we value first party data and insights over third party data and research; best of breed tools that are agile and nimble and easily swapped in and out; platforms that can be used by in house teams and not reliant on third party assistance; and valuing outcomes over time and technology.


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