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  • Platform review, analysis and recommendations

  • Team review, analysis and recommendations

  • Customer research and analysis

  • UX and UI design

  • Team augmentation, project management & development

  • Upskill and education of your internal team

  • Roadmap and prioritisation of initiatives according to value


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Our Approach to App Development

Many brands believe they need an app without first understanding why and how this is going to improve the customer experience which leads to a poor investment.

An app is a customer’s best direct connection to their account with your brand as opposed to just another way for you to communicate your brand messages to your customers. Secondary to this portal allowing them to manage their information with you such as their personal details and preferences, it must serve a specific purpose that can only be achieved via this channel.

If your customers have no account or profile with your business, or if you intend on just using the app as a mobile website, then chances are you don’t need an app at all. And if that is the case, then you probably have a lot of customer experience initiatives that should be prioritised over an app release anyway.

We’ll seek to understand first the purpose for your app and how it will add value to your customers. Next we’ll go about mapping the experiences to be included in your progressive web app ensuring each is well considered to ensure it adds value, has a purpose and is measurable.

It’s important to set up your app for success from the point of release and have a roadmap of initiatives in place to keep it relevant and engaging, and therefore keeping it on your customers mobile device and your brand front of mind.

Let us help you bring your app to life and create a framework for ongoing improvements, value adding features and increasing engagement and communication with your customers.


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